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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders at Jubilee Park Primary School are responsible for:

·        helping to update areas of the school website and write blog posts about being a Digital Leader on the ‘Digital Leaders’ page of the school website.

·        supporting teachers and children across the school when they teach ICT and use new hardware or software. 

·        maintaining our devices (Chromebooks, iPads, laptops) by keeping them charged, tidy and running smoothly. 

·        trialling new devices, software and apps as required and writing reviews about what is successful and has an impact on learning.

·        acting as online safety ambassadors and deliver assemblies/lessons about online safety.

·        reporting to Mrs Kucia, Mrs Cook, Mrs Pryce and Governors about how technologies are being used in school and find out what other people think about digital learning in school, listening to their views and ideas.

·        attending and presenting at digital learning events both inside and outside of school to other schools, teachers and learners.

·        working with Digital Leaders from other schools to receive training, share good ideas and collaborate to explore digital learning together.