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Family Engagement

One of our vision principles is 'Growing together with the community' and we are committed to developing relationships based on mutual trust and support.


There are many opportunities for families to get involved with our school: 

  • We hold regular open door sessions where families are invited into classrooms to look at children's work 

  • Termly parent information sessions offer information regarding aspects of our Thrive Curriculum 

  • Parent Consultations offer specific time to discuss children's progress and ways forward 

  • Assemblies, concerts, showcase events and many more... 

We also welcome parents supporting our Thrive Curriculum by coming into school and talking about their work, skills and areas of interest. If you have anything you can offer, please let us know. 


Nursery Family Engagement

In Nursery we meet all children and their families at a home visit, this is a really important time as we get to see the children in their home environment where they feel the most secure. This is also an invaluable opportunities for parents to have one to one discussions if they wish and an opportunity for staff to talk to their children about their toys, pets, etc. The children in Nursery also have a learning journal which documents their learning during the year, this a journal that parents are welcome to look at at any point and add to as they wish with observations from home or golden moments that they are proud of. We encourage parents to come into Nursery on special celebrations and on open doors day to observe what children have done. On many occasions parents have come into Nursery to tell us about their job and share their experiences, this is something that they children love and often sparks off many lines of inquiry. In the future we aim to run parent groups where parents can work alongside their children and will focus on child development and early learning strategies.